Episode summaries coming soon!

22 Responses to Episodes

  1. Kelly Huynh says:

    I would like to know if this series will be posted to You Tube to view?

  2. TheTruthLies says:

    I haven’t checked, but I don’t think it is yet.

  3. marie says:

    which website can i watch the show from? can you post it so others who cant watch it on tv will be able to watch it too! Thanks a bunch! πŸ˜€

  4. Jessica Ho says:

    you can watch it on youtube but you can just download it form asianEU but you have to register tho

  5. 爱ζ₯θΏ‡ says:

    you can watch it in youtube..!
    or try this poge: http://www.youtube.com/user/pinkspida
    i think this user have the eps. of this series uploaded.! TRY IT.. xD

  6. Fan says:

    is it possible to actually watch before TVB shows it on TV?

  7. Melissa says:

    You guys can actually download it and click the links from this blog, http://tvbshows12345.blogspot.com/ where you don’t even have to register =)

  8. marie says:

    thanks alot! im so happy now! i hope they’re really a couple in real life!!! they’re soooo cute πŸ˜€

  9. Kelly Huynh says:

    You can watch updated episodes at http://www.tudou.com/home/wyg88 or http://www.tudou.com/home/229624329. I just saw episodes 11. But sometimes it slow.

  10. Kelly says:

    Episode 20 is uploaded on tttdy.com. Actually the entire series is upload on this site in cantonese.

  11. Carmen says:

    I’m so close to episode 20 ! 2 more left.
    So far I’m jumping anxiously to find out the ending!
    I saw the ad for 19 and I think it’s mostly about Don and Sasa
    He goes to Japan and they get together<3 and jessie finds out!
    OUUUU drama =) finally.
    I think next episode is where Nikki gets in the hospital . I think xD
    i can’t wait for the last 2 ! 2 MORE DAYS πŸ˜›

  12. Jncw says:

    When I re watch episode 6 I notice that there is one sec-en where Kevin’s wore the nickelt that Niki’s will gave him as a gift at the end of the episode. However, N gave him the same nicket he as wore as a gift at the end part of the the episode. How come it so weird?

  13. tim says:

    i was very upset idont know what should i do to see the last episode……this stosy is awesome!!!

  14. Annabelle says:

    Is there any site that i can watch the whole series w/ english subtitles?

  15. seventhday:) says:

    yes! you can watch it on http://www.mysoju.com . its a real organized place with lots of korean, taiwan, japan movies & dramas. now, theres a few new hongkong tvb dramas, and they even put up seventh day. Im watching now! All with subtitles. have fun!
    I love bosco and kevin. πŸ˜€
    mylie and niki ;P

  16. seventhday:) says:

    *myolie, i mean

  17. Annabelle says:

    thanks a lot!

  18. me. says:

    gahh, seventhday:): i’m sorry and this is just my opinion but myolie… no offense, i mean, she’s a good actress, i just don’t like her cuz everyone thinks she’s goin out with bosco when bosco ACTUALLY looks better with TAVIA!! BOTA FOREVER<33. I LOVE KENI!! ❀

  19. Yan says:

    Your right hum..me?!
    Bosco doesn’t match with Myolie
    Is like to match a cubecake with a bananas.well.nvm..
    But that’s not what I actually wanna say..
    Can you guys are girls,plz put some more videos!!!
    I like this movies,I’m searching for more clip but..
    with no result!-.-pplz!!I wanna more,more!

  20. alice says:

    kevin-niki forever..

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ahh, I can’t find the Episode 2 with english subs anywhere!

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